Today’s History Walk

Memorial Day:

History Walk in Boyle Heights

Evergreen Cemetery and Brooklyn Ave.


This is one of the most appropriate days to reflect upon the history of Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles.

Our walk will first feature Evergreen Cemetery; to visit and pay our respects at the Japanese Nissei World War II Monument. The monument dedicated to the 442 Regimental Combat Unit of the US Army, a full Japanese American combat unit. We will discuss the topic of the Japanese internment, and also how so many of these young internees went on to fight and die for their county in Europe. The 442nd Regiment was the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in the history of American warfare.

We will talk about the early history of Boyle Heights at Evergreen Cemetery. To discuss the complex social, economic and racial issues that account for such turbulent community change throughout the history of the LA eastside. And reflect on the wartime struggles and post-war realities which forever changed this historic multi-cultural community.

And then if people are down for it we can walk our way back towards Brooklyn and Soto to see a few important cultural sites; Breed Street Shul, the famous Paramount Ballroom, the notorious Phillips Music Co, the Original Cantors Deli, Zellman’s Mensware and a few of the Yiddish Labor sites. As well as the site of the Anti-Nazi parade of 1938, where 15,000 locals protested on behalf of the plight of Jewish refugee trapped in Nazi Germany and Austria.

To make the best of our time, I would love to get a walk started at noon.

Who is down for this history walk? This tour is open to local residents and organizers, educators and cultural facilitators, and all my friends who are interested in helping preserve the sites and oral histories of Boyle Heights.

[Note: Normally I can do a comfortable walk and talk with a max of 25 people. It is a free event, but donations to aid my work in documenting this history is always welcome. Thanks!]

Looks like we have a nice group coming together for this history walk. The best place to meet is at front gate of Evergreen Cemetery, 204 N Evergreen Ave, in Boyle Heights.

We can start to meet on Monday at 11:45am in order to start our walking tour promptly at 12:00pm. An average tour tends to goes about three hours, though I’m scheduling myself to be out on the ground until 4pm to take questions and chat with people.

Though people should start the walk with the group at noon, people can feel free break off to enjoy old Brooklyn Ave/Avenida Cesar E. Chavez at their leisure. I encourage everyone to support at least one restaurant or shop! 🙂